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per Poems, Chapbooks, Writing and Performance Coaching
Every month I'll post a fresh new poem that I've written, along with some notes on my writing and editing process, as well as a writing prompt to get your own creative writing process a little nudge.
per Poems, Chapbooks, Writing and Performance Coaching
"Everything you are running from is behind you...

it won't hurt you anymore."

My most recent chapbook, 296, is out on Next Left Press. 296 is a unflinching look into the lived experience of living with mental illness. 296 explores, through poetic personal narrative, the roots of mental illness: trauma, misogyny, gender violence and systemic oppression, and questions what it means to be well. In working hands-on with the editors of Next Left Press in both page layout and cover design, 296 is hand-stitched and soul-crafted in every sense of the word.

About Next Left Press: We make beautiful handmade books and aim to foster a sense of community by binding poets together through the shared passion for the art of words. http://www.nextleftpress.com/
per Poems, Chapbooks, Writing and Performance Coaching
Writing Coaching: I will work with you one-on-one to make your work feel the most authentic to your vision. We will discuss your intention for writing the work, revision and editing practices, and explore some writing prompts specifically catered to you to take your work to the next compelling level. The writing can be anything: poems, term papers, articles, essays, you name it!

10 pages double-spaced (or 3 poems) max.




per Poems, Chapbooks, Writing and Performance Coaching

About Cecily

The primary reason I started this Patreon account is to provide access to the skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement I have regarding writing as a function of self-reclamation and courageous creativity. This is a solid step towards my goal of living as an independent working artist.

Writing does a lot things: Documents. Saves Lives. Stimulates suck creativity, regardless of genre. Varying degrees of Patreonage will provide you monthly writing prompts, one-on-one workshop sessions, and/or exclusive copies of new work. 

Thanks in advance for your pledges!!

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