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About Cefin Beorn

Who am I?

My name is Kevin and I am a language enthusiast, singer, songwriter, music composer,  and YouTuber. Among my line of work, I taught Old Germanic languages such as Old English and others as if they are modern languages. Apart from Old Germanic languages, I also had taught minority Germanic languages in an effort to help preserve them and spread awareness. I truly believe that we can make our world a much more colourful and vibrant place as life is only good as we make it. However, the focus on my work is mainly on the music now.

Here’s an example of a conversation in Old English from my Youtube Channel Leornende Eald Englisc:

And here’s an example of a song I composed and wrote in Old English:

My other Youtube channels are:
Learning Old Germanic Languages
Learning Lesser Known Germanic Tongues

Here's a link to my music page:

I have chosen to use Patreon because such a platform would allow my creative and innovative videos and music to be funded and thus making learning Old and minority Germanic languages much easier and way more fun! 

How can you help?

With the aid of your patronage, you would help me produce high quality music, and videos. This would include audio and video software, props, and other expenses. Your patronage would motivate me to push for more high quality content. It would keep fueling the fire in me to make a difference in this world with your help.

What’s in it for you?

Apart from being involved in making a huge significance in my life, you as a patron would have access to content that the public will not have. As well, you would be able to join me in a livestream! Feel free to choose a pledge tier that fits best for you.

Thank you!

Words cannot merely describe how grateful I am. Together we will be making a difference in the matter of Old and minority Germanic languages. A huge thanks to you all.
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