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About Celeste Ortiz

Hi! I'm Celeste Ortiz, artist photographer born and living on Chile.
I been carring a camera since a decade ago, and started to taking it seriously as an art form around 2012-2013. Today I work on 35mm film and instant film only and shoot almost everyday when I don't run out of film.

Since my journey with photography started I been sharing my work on social media, receiving a lot of positive comments, followers and exposure. All that has been great, I'm really thankful! but I still haven't been able to achive any income through my work, and I'm no way dreaming to make a living from it, just to support the making of it and professionalization that is needed to go further in my art.

Your monthly support will not only help me purchase suplies but it will give me responsability with you, my patrons, an extra encourement too keep creating and not to fall on self doubting, knowing there's people who care for what I do.

No amount is little to become a patron and if you still can't donate on monthly basis you can also support me by buying my postcards or prints"inviting me a coffe" or sending me that roll of film you never used maybe? :)

Contact me to [email protected] if you have any doubt or if you will like to suggest any change to make your patronage expierence any better!


   Celeste Ortiz
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Once I reach $100, I will be able to get professional film and it's development on a regular basis, so I can carry on ideas and experimentations without restraining myself.
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