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For those that pledge $1 or more a month, they will be able to access Patreon-only posts that I will be making, mainly for animation content!
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Users who donate $5 will have the honor of making me play a game of their choice, even if I normally would never touch the game! I can't promise that I will be good at it, but it should provide for some interesting commentary! Note: Donating $5 also includes shoutouts in videos and social media promotion, just like the $1 pledge. (Make sure that the game will run with my current setup. If in doubt, message me on social media for more information!)




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About CelestOrion

Hey, viewers!

I'm CelestOrion, a gamer on YouTube who would like help from fellow gamers and followers on giving back to the community. My long-term goal is to try and do as many complete runs of video games as possible, ranging from retro platformers to modern FPS titles, along with commentary and discussion about each individual game! I will also be posting teasers of animations that I work on to this channel, as well as Patreon!

A little bio about me...

I've been gaming literally since I could remember. My parents bought themselves a SEGA Genesis around 1991, and Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the games included. It was my first game, and it was mindblowing for someone my age. I grew up primarily with SEGA games, but as the years went on, I moved on to other consoles, such as Nintendo and PlayStation. I wanted to get a possible career in the gaming field, but coding is not my strong suit, but being able to share my passion of games with others, providing insight behind the games and discussing it would be the next best thing for me.

As of right now, I run a full-time job in order to provide for my fiance, our newborn daughter, and myself, and I have a lot of bills to cover, not including student loans that have been neglected and her medical bills. I'd love to be able to put my own money into my channel to help it grow and to give to the viewers in terms of events, charity drives, and giveaways, but I will need some help to make this happen!

Recently, I've started to work on animations again, too, so expect to see those in the near future on my channel!

What's in it for you?

Pledging to help my channel grow will allow me to invest more time into putting higher quality content on my channel, as well as set up more events to raise awareness and funding for differing charity events. It will also allow me to help pay my bills on time instead of having to push back their due dates, which seems to be a common occurrence lately.

Money that is pledged to me will not only go to the growth of my channel, but will also help fund artists and talented creators that collab with me, or assist with graphics and music for my channel, as I believe anyone involved deserves something in return.

Also, depending on the Patreon growth, I may be able to invest more time into making animations, as the finances would allow me to work harder on them instead of going 110% at my job to make ends meet!

What would we see in return?

Right now, I am not in an easy position where I would be able to give back to those who donate to my Patreon, but what I can do is continue creating content that they enjoy seeing, and help other channels grow alongside mine! That's the ultimate goal of my channel, to sustain myself, and give back to those who helped me.

I intend to use any pledge money that doesn't go to the growth of the channel or bills to be saved in a savings account for my daughter so that she'll have money to further her education when she is older, providing she chooses to take that path. I also plan on doing charities once my channel is large enough for them to be noticed! Charities that I will be donating to will consist of Child's Play, ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America), LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society), and more to come!

I've worked with a channel called ParadoxPowerPlays, which has donated to two of these charities so far in the past two years, totaling out to an estimate of $1500+ for Child's Play and ADAA. I'd like to continue that tradition with me to my own channel, where I will also run charity streams along with remaining pledge funding.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out my Patreon page! If you're interested in helping out a growing channel on YouTube, feel free to give a pledge here!

Also, if you have suggestions on more pledge rewards, drop me a message on Twitter at 
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Setting a $50/month goal would allow me to hire artists to help me with custom art for thumbnails and pieces for my videos! I can't afford an artist outside of my current budget, so anything that can help me pay others for their talent would be appreciated!
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