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WOW Thank you! I will send you a personal thank you (of course), and I will create a video of a scene of your choice (let's discuss to make sure it works)!
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Hi, I'm Dave! I'm creating videos for (currently) two Facebook pages!

One page is "Celine a Scene" (http://www.facebook.com/CelineScene), where I edit Celine Dion songs (particularly "My Heart Will Go On") in to certain moments of movie scenes, tv show scenes and sporting events, to make them more epic and emotional ... I'm told that they're making people either laugh or cry (lol).

The other is "Scene Canteen!" (http://www.facebook.com/SceneCanteen) - where I make mashup videos of movie scenes, or just create comedy video scenes in general :)

I'm devising many other projects at the moment, one for example is a project that helps young people with their employability by getting them interested in media work, and I intend to train them with filming and video editing skills.  (I will be posting updates about the project here once it is up and running.)

I would love to continue creating the Celine a Scene videos and Scene Canteen videos, general comedy and entertainment content, and continue to devise projects in my community - I hope that with your support I can do that.

I really hope you're liking the videos so far, thank you so much! :)
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