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Hey Guys!

In a nut shell, My name is Celine Anderson, also known as Celine "The Amazon" Anderson. I am a 23 year old up and coming  Caribbean Canadian female mixed martial arts fighter from Toronto Canada. I come from Jamaican and Canadian descent. I am currently signed under King Of The Cage promotions and I fight in markets from the United States all the way to Europe. I am a new professional fighter in the 135/145 lbs division who holds a pro record of 1-0. 

I grew up doing Martial Arts since age 7, It is the only sport I have ever known. I was raised by a single mother who would work endlessly to pay for my Karate and TKD competitions which I have never lost. I always was interested in MMA because it always bothered me that no girls who looked like me were getting promoted, I wanted to give little girls who looked like me someone to look up to, and relate to in the sport, As well as add more diversity to the cage and put Jamaica and Canada on the map. I transitioned to MMA at age 21 where I quickly fell in love with the training and the sport. MMA is not for everyone and the sacrifices you have to make to improve yourself and win fights that fans don't see includes sacrificing money and time to make sure I am always getting better and always in the gym.  As well as the many injuries some of which are costly to take care of that come with being a combat athlete.

I want to share my journey with Patreon in hopes that you can watch me grow as a fighter and inspire some people by showing them that through hard work anything can be accomplished. With your help, I will be able to focus on my job, which is training, fighting and winning but most important to me is putting on amazing shows for the fans and the world to see. With your support, we can buy new MMA training equipment (which the sparring  seems to like destroying at a fast rate), take care of constant minor injuries to keep me healthy and training  and feed myself (who knew MMA fighters are expensive to feed lol) But most importantly, with your support I want to be able to stay my authentic self and say no to large companies and sponsorships I do not feel suit me or feel comfortable representing. 

I want to show you the world of a Pro MMA fighter through my  eyes. Welcome to the family! Let's see where all of this will lead.


Celine "The Amazon" Anderson

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