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About Centipede Nation

Hello Friends. Welcome to Centipede Nations Patreon page!
The Centipede Nation is a team of patriots and nimble navigators that report on the great Awakening. We are deeply involved in Open-Source research, analysis, and daily curated news.

Our investigative reports are on corruption, analyzing psychological operations, and puzzle breaking while trying to break-through MSM narratives. Our data hunting and reports takes many hours worth of work because our approach is to methodically connect the dots, build timelines with infographics and maps, expose all the players, while citing all sources in an easily digestible format.

Our background in technology, digital production, and philosophy brings a unique perspective to this new age of America’s re-awakening. Because of our background, we’re able to provide valuable insights that others usually under-report and overlook. The topics we tackle range from politics, science, technology, and everything else that affects our daily lives.

We are all victims of social engineering and behavioral manipulations from the global elite. We at Centipede Nation have been studying the movements and tactics of these technocratic elite, and with our knowledge, we aim to be a valuable resource that encourages people to seek the truth and help guide them through the matrix to make sure this entrapment never happens again.

Please visit us at: Centipede Nation and experience content you really won't find anywhere else.

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As you know, alternative/independent media is under attack. Big social platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter have slowed down our ability to reach our audience to its fullest potential by censoring our information and presence. Without the big government subsidized budgets of the mainstream media, we have to rely on our faithful audience to support our work and mission.

We are entirely self funded. If you find our content helpful and valuable, please help support the truth. Know that your support will help us fight back against the Deep State and will help stop the globalist elites from successfully implementing their agenda. Our job is to prevent that and to give you a bigger voice. Please consider donating to our Patreon account, and/or getting yourself some merchandise from our shop. Together, we can fight the establishment agencies and institutions with a larger voice that says we won’t give in to the international criminal cabal.

God Bless America, and long live the republic!
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