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About Ceranoe

I am currently the sole developer for a series of interactive fiction sci-fi/fantasy games known as "Peacekeeper" I am planning on releasing this on Steam as soon as possible with the first title Peacekeeper: Cold Case being near completion. I have taken heavy inspiration from Shadowrun, Blade Runner and Cowboy Bebop. Currently I have no artist or musician and I hope to change that however if I can not I will go with the original plan of simply making a text based interactive fiction game. There will be three major releases Peacekeeper: Cold Case, Peacekeeper: Hard Boiled and Peacekeeper: Powerhouse.

If any of the titles are released before I can afford to commission and artist and musician but I end up having the funds later on, I will update each title with art and music as they are finished.

The premise is an event known as the "Umbra Collision" has partially merged our realm of existence with that of myth and magic. Various creatures, spiritual phenomena and even other sapient beings began to pour into our reality just as confused and scared as humanity was. After the initial chaos of the event died down, tension between humanity and the various new beings that now share our world was constantly growing. Police did not know what to do, current laws were not always applicable and with fear on the rise from both sides. There needed to be a solution soon or things would collapse. Some people were found to have a natural affinity for these otherworldly creatures and events. Due to the dire need for an outlet, the government founded the Peacekeeper program, that forced people found with this affinity to enroll and help balance the "crime and punishment" between the two parties in hopes to bring stability. The game takes place two years after things mostly calmed down and the player takes the roll of Henry Carter, a veteran Peacekeeper who was one of the first to be drafted. Jaded and cold, he contracts himself with the local police to help solve crimes and resolve issues arising from otherworldly inclination.

I don't want to say too much though as to avoid spoiling the story and characters.
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If I can reach $500 This should be enough money to commission someone to do a score for the game. My hope is that having music will make it a much more immersive experience.
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