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About Cetacea

Somehow you seem to have stumbled across this web page. Let me give you a little tour of what everything here is all about, and maybe then you'll be interested in donating some money in my virtual monthly tip jar. If you don't end up wanting to by the end of this, that's okay, I'm not here to force anything onto you. Let's get right into it, shall we?
My name is Evan Lawrence, but I'm probably more commonly known as Cetacea, CetaceaYT, or Cetacea TV. The name "Cetacea" looks a lot harder to say than it is. It's just "Seh-Tay-See-Uh." Pretty easy, right? Anyway, back to me. I'm a boy trying to get by the daily struggles of this thing commonly referred to as "Life." During these struggles, I want to be an "entertainer," and the internet is my outsource for doing such a thing. This Patreon is so I can maybe have this "entertainer" thing become more serious than just a hobby I do on the down low.
Being a so called "entertainer," you'd imagine I do things for said entertainment. You are correct there! I make videos on YouTube, and have been since 2009. It's one of the things I love doing. I make videos on games, movies, TV shows, and music. I have a couple different shows. Each show has a different focus on the kind of video it is. My main passion project is a show called "Cetacea," where I focus on different games, movies, shows, and music that I love! I want to share my love for these things and explain why I love them. Another one of my shows is called "Virtualysis," which is a combination of the words "Virtual" and "Analysis," and it's my official review show, where I review different games and movies, whether they be good or bad. I also do other videos that are basically gameplay videos. Nothing much to really talk about with those. I want to get better at making music, so I can upload songs I make as well. I also want to start developing games. Information on that will come out at some point in time.
This is a question that gets brought up a lot when Patreon gets mentioned. It especially relates to me, as I only have a little over 100 subscribers on YouTube at the moment. The truth is, I don't plan on making YouTube my career in any way, but if I happen to get a few extra dollars while doing it, then that's cool. Patreon allows fans of what I make to help fund my channel, and allow me to keep on doing this without stopping, due to lack of finances. My Patreon is in no way a requirement for you guys. There will never be any videos locked behind a paywall. I understand that not everybody has money sitting around, so if you don't want to donate, that's fine.
If you do happen to have a few bucks that you want to throw my way, there are some neat rewards you can get. Now, remember, donating is completely optional, these are just things that happen when you do donate.

First off, for 1 whole dollar, you can have your name at the end of every video, and in the description of every video! Wowie, doesn't that sound like a blast? Now everyone will know that "CoolWolfMan64" supported yours truly financially. Neat, right?

For $5, you get access to behind the scenes things. Most of the time that just means you get to see the scripts to scripted videos. I'll probably start posting screenshots of project timelines too. If I forget to do that, remind me. I tend to forget things.

For a whopping 10 bucks, you can get an exclusive role in my Discord that's still in development! You'll have your own private voice and text chats to hang out in! On top of that, you'll be able to tell me a game, movie, or show to make a video on. That video could be a Cetacea episode, a Virtualyis review, or a different kind of video entirely! It all depends on what thing you give me, and how I feel about said thing. That's pretty cool, right? I hope...

Again, I want to state that donating to my Patreon is 100% optional. Just watching what I do is good enough for me, but if you want to chip in, I have some rewards for you.
Remember when I said that I made videos? Well, here's basically a portfolio of my videos:

The Experience (Gameplay videos):
Other Videos:
Now, I am across the internet in many different forms. As you know, one of those forms is on YouTube. You can also find me streaming on the website known as Twitch. There, you'll find me stream many things, but mostly me playing games. I also have a Twitter, where I give updates on what's going on in my life. That's about it, though. I hope you guys have a swell day.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 23 exclusive posts
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