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About Steve Lund

Hello everyone! It's Steve here, excited to announce my Patreon page! In case you don't already know, I'm a CG artist creating free training videos and tutorials for the web. I currently have over 100 videos with more being released all the time; I teach all topics CG, with videos on Modeling, Texturing, Simulations, Visual Effects and More

If you enjoy the free content and can afford to give a few dollars a month to support CG Geek, it's GREATLY appreciated and you gain access to all kinds of sweet perks and awards! For example, just $3 a month grants you access to all the finished tutorial blend files including Models, Textures, Rigs, etc.

Here's a free sample!

Aurora Borealis Finished Blend!

With the help of Patreon, I'll be able to continue to create free high-quality Blender Tutorials--here's a tease for what's coming soon!

Any contribution you can give makes a difference--even if it's just sharing this page.

Keep on Blending!
Steve (CG Geek)
$750 – reached! per month
A small studio for CG Geek! Already in the works, and with your help will be completed shorty! For the past 5 years I've been running CG Geek from my small bedroom, so you can imagine how incredibly excited I am to reach this goal. :)
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