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is creating vlogs on addiction education and music
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Access to a discord server with me and a few other patrons. Only have to pay the first month, you won't get booted for removing your pledge. It exist to vet out trolls and people not serious about education and supporting each other through various walks of life. It's an awesome server :-). I do post videos there prior to YouTube for feedback as well, but that's not guaranteed just something I do.

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About CG Kid

This is just for those individuals that give love through gifts and want to help me out. Of course money helps, but I offer pretty much everything outside a private paid discord (to keep trolls out) for free. I do offer calls for $0.50 a minute, they are fan calls, we can talk about anything I'm not a recovery coach but we can talk about addiction and sobriety as well. I hate charging for that but in reality I can't drop everything for everyone that wants to call, I can text for free regardless if you're a patron while I'm eating out with family for example. Again, it also keeps the trolls out of calls.

At any pledge amount I'll send a discord link. If you cancel after first billing period I won't remove you from the discord for not pledging anymore, you have permanent access and can contrinue to pledge if you'd like to. I hate billing for it at all but it's a way to keep the trolls out and size small enough for closer connection. People who are serious about supporting one another in the discord, learning, and having some laughs is what we always need. No matter where you're at, we're there to support you as friends in your pocket.

Any support I of course appreciate but don't feel pressured at all! I love you guys and you help me more than I help you. If you're struggling financially and want to access the Discord or call me just send me a message and I'll see if I can make it work.

$125 of $1,000 per month
At this point I can focus on answering all text messages from addicts and their loved ones who are suffering with full attention as I won't be distracted chasing down freelance clients and retaining their business to survive.
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