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is creating Free Game ART (tilesets, UI, Icons, Buttons, units, etc)





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Creating game art is not always the simplest thing especially if you are a developer. I create game assets mainly because it is fun and there is not much else I can do :) Releasing my stuff under permissive licenses (like CC0 and CC-BY) allows you to use my creations in your projects without any limitations for free.

Visit my OpenGameArt page to see if there is something you like:
Please be generous if you think there is any value in these game assets!
$5 of $5 per ART PIECE
Each month I will design 1 completely new something. For example 1 new 2d Tileset you can use to create your game levels or new units such as tanks, aircrafts and ships. Or maybe I will create a new game HUD and a set of UI assets (buttons, Icons, progress bars, etc).
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