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  • It's true, there can be only one one. Two can't be one. Zero can't be one. Zero is Zero. Or... wait. Can zero be one? It is a value, so it is exists, therefore it is one, not zero. Right? And thank goodness, because one is so much better than zero when so many ones can come together to help make ONE HELL OF A MOVIE!
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SPEED... Set/Frame - ACTION!

  • It takes a LONG time to make a movie. But things may move a little faster with an extra $2 a month! To help you keep track of the race I will add you on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram with this reward and welcome any and all feedback on my projects as they progress.

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7 is my lucky number... Gwyneth Paltrow?
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This one is purely for LUCK!




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I am a Chad. I am one of many. I'm not the country Chad, or a partially punched ballot known as the Hanging Chad, nor am I "The Chad" played by Tom Green in the two Charlie's Angels movies. I am just a simple and intensely creative Chad who has spent the last 18+ years working out clever ways to try and make a living while following his dream. And what is this particular Chad's dream you ask?


I don't tell stories for a living. Well, maybe I do. My students listen to them all the time! But I'd really like to spend more of my time telling visual stories through my art, photography, game design and filmmaking. I know I could apply for a job in the union or at a game company, but I suppose I'm just one of those narcissistic self-involved artists. The problem is I rarely want to work ON things, but instead LIVE and CREATE them from the ground up. That is my passion.

For 41 years I have been a Chad on this planet and it's made me realize that no matter how much I've learned along the way, I still go about making movies and art and games in pretty much the same way I did when I was 14. That's what I love about the process. Being an indie artist allows me to put my essence into every aspect of a project from beginning to end, and the final result is almost always something I feel proud of and connected to. It's what makes life worth living for me. But, despite this approach being deeply fulfilling on a creative level, it never pays the bills and rarely covers the expenses of bringing even the most modest of projects to life.
Luckily there are tons of creatives out there just like me who are simply trying to create and survive. And I thought, perhaps, that if all of us work together to support one another through Patreon, then myself and so many fellow filmmakers and artists out there could continue telling our stories and create cool things that we (and you) mutually love.

Win-win for everyone!

So if you happen to be one of the 2.7 million people who've watched (and hopefully enjoyed) my first indie feature film The Coming on YouTube, or are one of my loyal 5000+ subscribers, or if you had absolutely no idea that this Chad even existed up until now (but you like the stuff I do), PLEASE consider becoming a Patron on Patreon!

Take it from ALL the Chad's that this one in particular will do his very best to continue delivering quality work and make films and games and tell stories that we will all love and enjoy together!

Thanks for supporting what I do... cuz at the end of the day, I do it for you!

PS - If you're an insane ZELDA fan like me (and Jimmy Fallon), here's the teaser for a project I've been slowly assembling over the last few years...

BUT WAIT! What's that? The full 10min. video for THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: A Missing Link is complete?!? YES! It's ready and waiting for your eager eyeballs at:

(movies I'll watch over and over and NEVER get sick of)

The Empire Strikes Back
Guardians of the Galaxy
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
The Last Starfighter
Back to the Future
American Beauty
The Professional
Sleepy Hollow
Donnie Darko
Galaxy Quest
Jurassic Park
Scott Pilgrim
The Matrix
The Crow
Big Fish

What's your TOP 22 ?

$89 of $1,111 per month
My goal is simply to afford the next step of the film, game, miniature set or other creative project I'm currently working on.

The next big things taking up my time and attention are:

M I S T E R    S A N D M A N

This will be my second feature-length indie film and it is a dark fantasy / horror film with a good bit of comedy boiled in. Think Cabin In The Woods meets The Sixth Sense. We've coined the genre category: "Dark Whimsy"

LOG LINE: When a group of former summer camp misfits meet under suspicious circumstances, not only do they discover that their worst childhood nightmares were true, but their horrible memories are also the master work of one soul-consuming creature: MISTER SANDMAN.

Patreon contributions will help support development in the early stages of this project as we begin to assemble camera tests and creature effects. Everyone working on this project is a HUGE fan of monsters, muppets and practical FX... of which there will be many! I will be sure to post some creepy-cool Behind the Scenes stills and Set Photos as we go.

Checkout our Mister Sandman Facebook page for updates at:


Time-Squatch is a top-down 8-bit pixel art dream project starring an adorable baby Sasquatch that must escape two persistent hunters who are determined to prove your existence. The game requires the player to avoid the hunters while collecting "Time-Berries", and if you can collect all 11 of them in each level, you can re-wind time to help your past self escape from mortal danger or solve puzzles and collect more prizes, etc.

The game deals with social, political and environmental issues in humours and playful ways as it leads players through both time and space to help bring peace and prosperity to Sasquatch-kind in the great Northwest!

The game is being designed for mobile platforms and PC.

Your generous Patreon support for this project will go to feeding both myself and my coding collaborator / creative contributor Matthew Miner every Monday on GAME-MAKING NIGHT!


The proof-of-concept "Zelda: A missing Link" video is complete, but I am still (slowly) assembling more teaser trailers, a Pilot Script and Behind-The-Scenes footage for our pitch package.

Big thanks to Patreon contributor DAVID HAWBAKER for his incredible help and support through the entirety of this project!
I also wanted to thank EVERYONE who supporting The Legend of Zelda: A Missing Link, which finally went live on YouTube on August 22nd, 2017; the North American Anniversary of the original The Legend of Zelda.

Watch the full video HERE:

Our Teaser Ads will be posted soon to help draw views and support our efforts to help get more fans behind the project.

Stay tuned!

PS - Way back when, my crew and I ran an campaign for ZELDA and although we fell short of our goal, you can still take a look at the cool stuff/swag and Pixel art animation we created here: A MISSING LINK
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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