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About Chaiboa


My name is Jocelyn Gamboa but I go by Chaiboa.

Chaiboa is something I decided to pursue in April 2018 after a sort of.. disaster one month prior that left me with nothing but my artwork. As such, I chose to draw and develop it to see where I stand after years of artists block and generally unable to feel worthy of the name, "artist".
During that time I found that people and the friendships I developed truly enjoyed what I created - and it made me happy.
From there I came up with a plan, goals, dreams - I decided to spend the next 3 months setting up for my new career - freelance Illustration and Graphic Design. My mini goals are to work on the legal items in June, marketing and designs July, and finally - start up in August of 2018. 
Ambitious yes - but I have never been more excited for my life since making this decision for myself.
So here I am, working and fueling my growth with as much positivity as possible. I hope to one day do what I love, this, full time - and travel the world.

I hope you can be there with me.

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