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Chalupajuanas Corner
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I'll let you know who I will be testing each week and we can play FIFA, NBA 2k(Xbox ONe), , Rocket League(Ps4 and Xbox ONe), GTA(Xbox ONe) or some other game together or chat about life, YouTube, and all that.  We will be best friends basically. 
Chalupa Lovers
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At this level I will do a growth test with a player of your choice each month. Up to you whether you want gameplay highlights or not. 
Elite Chalupa Lovers
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With this tier you will get 3 players of your choice tested each month. The players you select will be priority and I will get their vids out asap. 




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About Chalupajuana

Hello, I am Josh, also known as Chalupajuana. Ever since I was a kid I've always enjoyed documenting my playthroughs in sports games such as FIFA, Madden, MLB, and WWE. It is a dream to be able to do this for a living but that is unfortunately difficult and not possible with how little YouTube pays. Through this Patreon I will be able to provide my subscribers with a closer insight on my life, videos, and also provide content on demand for those who donate.

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