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The Nexxus 4 is suitable for a wide range of tasks and it's mouth also lights up when it speaks in an almost human voice. Almost. LOOT CRATE LEVEL: You'll get exclusive Patreon-only Bunnyhead related stuff at this level, people. And it'll be cooler than cool.
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The Nexxus 5 are commonly found amongst human children for their fanciful appearance, high-pitched voice and eagerness to please. They are not the least bit creepy. LOOT CRATE LEVEL: You'll get Bunnyhead related stuff here, people. And it'll be cool.




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Chang Terhune is an author, illustrator and musician living in Maine. He writes novels and most recently the comic Bunnyhead. He makes music as Cathode Ray Tube and has albums out on Condition Human, C-FOM, Component Recordings, Crime League, Heterodox, M-Tronic and Viral Conspiracy.
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When we reach $2,000 I'll be able to do a wide release of Bunnyhead Issue #1 and #2. It will allow a large print order which drives down the per unit price so I can print more and send out more. It will also allow for me to create merch like t-shirts, stickers, buttons, pins, posters and other things. I can get Bunnyhead to a wider audience which means what? More Bunnyhead and more time for me to work on Bunnyhead!
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