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Sure a pocket knife is small, but it could still save your life from a surprise zombie attack. You'll get:

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You might be minimalist weapon kind of zombie survivor, but the classic hand gun has saved your tail many times before. You're also saving Chank's tail by keeping the project alive. You'll get:

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  • Monthly online hangout with the Chank team. We'll mix it up between standard chats and video sessions. We'd love to get to know you, and hear your feedback and thoughts about the story. 
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You don't mess around. You're prepared to take out as many zombies as you can with one explosive hit. Your explosive personality is also saving Chank's very exsistence. You'll get:

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  • Signed Post Card from the Chank team.
  • Exclusive Rty Feed, with art process videos and posts. 
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Summed up: We are a team of writers and a kick-trash illustrator creating a high concept, funny, zombie killing, and occasionally thought provoking piece of comic art. Our Patreon community will allow us to put more time into Chank, and keep it around for a long time! There's a new page every Monday on the homepage of

Long winded: The 5 of us on the Chank team (Clark, Jibrail, Nate, Rty, and Wesly) are extremely excited and grateful for our fans and patrons. THANK YOU! This project has been in the works for a very long time. It finally became a reality when Clark, Jibrail, Nate and Wesly created a writers group. It first started as a way to individually become better writers by sharing our work with each other and giving feedback. We all specialize in different forms of story telling. Screenplays, Novels, Short Stories, Comedy Sketches, Poems, Memoirs, and Music Lyrics. This, all across a wide variety of genres. We meet once a week and talk over everyone's different projects. It got so fun and helpful for all of us that we needed a name. We became the Goat Writers (GW)! Flash forward a little more, we decided it was time to do something together. We enlisted our amazing friend Rty, who we knew was up to the challenge of creating amazing images, and Chank - The Zombie Hunter was born! Our friends at host the comic.

We are doing what we love, and we hope you can sense our passion and love for stories as you jump into the world of Chank The Zombie Hunter. Patreon gives us the chance to fund this epic story and keep it going, while also giving our readers some sweet rewards. Without our fans and patrons, we honestly could not afford to keep this project alive.  THANK YOU!

The Story: "The one thing standing in the way of Earth’s zombie apocalypse is Chank, a zombie hunting gnome. Only problem is, he has his own planet to save."

Lets get Chanked!

Your silly friends
The Goat Writers

Clark -, Social: @clarkwinegar)
Jibrail - (Social: @jibrailraha)
Nate - 
Wesly  (, Social: @weslylapioli) 

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Right now this is a passion project that we don't make a dime on. In fact we're all in the hole considerably. Our biggest expense is the cost of illustration. At 250 patrons we should be able to break even! 
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