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About chantastic

Chantastic is creating React Podcast.

React Podcast is a weekly interview show about React creators and their projects.

Guests include:
  • Dan Abromov on React Suspense
  • Brad Frost on Design Systems
  • Ryan Florence on Accessibility
  • Kent C. Dodds on Composition
  • Sophie Alpert on React
  • Michael Jackson on React Router
  • Nicolas Gallagher on React Native for Web
  • Henry Zhu on Babel
  • Ives van Hoorne on CodeSandbox
  • Ken Wheeler on Open Source
  • Kurt Kemple on Gatsby
  • Shirley Wu on Data Visualization
  • ...and so many more!

Your partnership goes to production, bandwidth, editing and (hopefully) episode transcripts.
Your backing ensures that I can keep a weekly flow of episodes on relevant topics with great guests.
My goal is to produce 40+ episodes a year, excluding some holidays.

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