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Welcome! My name is Star! I do digital art mostly and sometimes acrylic and oil paintings. I have a webcomic called Chaos Tails and I am the creator of it with some help from close friends. Chaos Tails is a little bit of just about everything about some more or less normal high school kids. I actually started this comic back in 2009/2010 just as something to do during class. I didn't expect to keep working on it to the point where I would have a full story made up, but here we are! I really enjoy making this comic and it has been more fun than I ever thought it would be.
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Hello! If you have a little extra money and perhaps enjoy what I do, then maybe you could send it my way! There are wonderful rewards at every tier. This will definitely help me by providing me with money for living expenses and time that I put into the different ventures I am apart of.
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