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Are you facing change and don't know how to manage it? Unsatisfied with where you are in life? Are you in the midst of an identity crisis - not sure who you really are and what kind of life you are meant to lead? Are you ready to ask and explore the deeper questions about self and success? It’s okay to feel these things and even better to acknowledge that these are questions you have about yourself.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Wright and I am a change embracer and a passionate advocate for supporting and inspiring others on their journey of change. Three times Paralympic Medalist, 1st Class Honours in my Bachelors degree (and top of my entire year!), solo exhibiting artist, published academic, global inspirational and self development speaker, character education specialist, and writer for the Guardian, Association of Character Education, and; I have achieved all of these career changes, and more, including moving to the other side of the world, facing changes that have challenged me physically and mentally, and even doing my first TEDx talk.

The thing is I do not have superpowers, but what I do have is a sense of adventure towards life, and a knowledge of how to build resilience and adaptability to change. What I want to do is share with you the knowledge, steps, and actions that gave me the confidence to set and achieve my goals, to step into my personal strengths, and to be brave to take on the uncertainties of life with my game face on.

Through Character Club I can help you:

  • discover and take action on how you can use your traits and strengths to overcome resistance to change.
  • increase your life satisfaction.
  • discover your underlying purpose and motivations.
  • and ultimately uncover your truest self, so that you can embrace life wholeheartedly and with authenticity.

So follow, subscribe, and join the Character Club Journey, we would love to have you along.

What do others have to say about Character Club? 

“Thank you for all you are doing to raise such interesting questions about character and related concepts” - Christian Miller

“Thanks for your excellent work” - Awe in Action

“@club_character you bring a lot of sunshine to twitter” - Michael Flynn

What do others have to say about Elizabeth?

“Her positivity and altruism in the face of challenge helps me maintain perspective and enjoy the small things. Oh and totally in awe of her 3 medals!” - Amanda Dewinter

“… you truly are a marvel and wonderful human being - your determination and outlook really rang true with me and actually made me stop and think about some situations in my own life and how to tackle them.” - Joshua
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