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About Character Force Creations

Character Force is a growing collective group of top-notch indie authors, artists, brainstormers, and editors with a single goal:  Give life to entertaining character-driven stories, both in art and words.  We want to weave yarns and create art that leaves you hanging on every word, gripping your seat, quietly mouthing advice to the characters.  We want our stories to be real, to have the depth and breadth that risk-adverse 'entertainment' corporations are shying away from in favor of the Almighty Dollar.  We want to create real entertainment, the kind you remember for years.  To that end, all Patreon contributions you make will be split between the creators who offered something to the 'pot' that month.  As a patron, you will get early access to stories from these authors, plus exclusive art, stories, kudos, and Very Big Thanks.  As a supporter, you will be keeping the culture of good stories alive.  Thank you!
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Wow, we reached 100 patrons!  This level of patronage allows us a little more breathing room, financially, as we scramble to get this Children of Fortune TV show  off the ground. 
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