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My name is Tony Lorentzen, I'm 42 years old and I've been working professionally in the film industry since 2005. I've also been a part-time software developer since 1995. Having worked for so many large corporations over the years I feel somewhat "empty" inside thinking about how I've mostly just helped corporations earn more money for it's shareholders.

I want to do something with a bigger sense of "meaning"... Being a family-man with a wife, two kids, three cats and a mortgage means I have obligations that keep me from being able to do the kind of charity work I want to be doing on a daily basis. I want to help make the world a better place - I want to give the people who don't have a voice something to say. I donate to various charities myself, but if I want to do more I need more of that precious time - and I want to do it  through the power of filmmaking.

By supporting me here on Patreon and by subscribing to my YouTube channel you can help me support my family so I can spend my time creating awareness for people in the world who need it - instead of working on corporate jobs.

I already own all of the equipment to do this kind of work, I just need your help to get the time to be able to do it full time!

Even if you can't donate here on Patreon, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. 
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