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You'll be able to vote for the next character or idea I work on.

You can send an artwork of your own to me and I will critique and give suggestions!

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You may send in your own OC or directly request a character for me to draw, and I will post it on my Patron page

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Who am I:  I've been making art my whole life.  It has helped me through some dark times and I love dedicating my time to it.  I'm here to live by doing something I love.  I will continue to make art even if I make no money, but I want to be able to support myself by doing something I love.  I don't want you to feel like you have to support me, but if you can, I would appreciate it.  It's the reason all of my works are public, I want to share my art.

Money Usage: Living and supplies.  You're donations will be used for supplies, school and art, and for living.

Becoming a Patron:  You will select an amount you are willing to pay per post I charge money for.  I may post polls in which I will not charge for, but any projects and work-in-progress updates will be charged.  You are able to set a monthly limit, in which you will pay nothing higher than that limit during that month.

Contact:  I check my Patreon account daily, so if you comment on a post or message me I will be able to reply within 24 hours.

Content:  I create ceramics (mainly sculptures), daily sketches, paintings, and drawings.  You are guaranteed one post a day (I post late at night so the post may be past midnight were I am...I'm a night owl).  All posts will be public, but work-in-progresses and finished pieces will be charged.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!  \(≧▽≦)/

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A start to being able to pay for living :)

Those who help fulfill this goal will be featured in a "Hall Of Fame" section of my description
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