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I am much better at writing than speaking, so forgive my brutish attempt to share my thoughts with you via our Patreon Introduction video. I will endeavour, here, to perhaps more elegantly describe the work that we have created, and its massive importance for all living beings...

Colleen and I are here, now, on Patreon asking for your support because we truly believe that this is the best way in which to not only be able to publish all of our vast works, but to continue to create more and more valuable material that is based upon the Truth of our reality! However, Patreon works for us in another way, it keeps our information out of the exclusive domain of Youtube, where it can be censored at a mere whim, and eventually stricken from their public record. But perhaps most importantly, it helps us to connect with individuals driven to discover the Truth about both our personal and collective realities. As I believe you will come to see, feel and understand, this is creating FAMILY, extended family or as Collywog likes to say, our Tribe...

The most important aspect of our research to take away with you is this...we, as human beings, possess vast, God-like powers; however, these powers reign ONLY OVER OURSELVES, and cannot be exercised upon others without the use of coercion or physical force. Thus, what is essential to understand and constantly remind ourselves, as part of our own personal Mantra, is that our purpose in life is to consciously control OUR OWN RIDE, and to stop trying to "change the world"! Now, that sounds funny, doesn't it...all our lives we have been told, taught and manipulated to believe that our greatest purpose in life is to do just that...change the world. However, as with all information that comes from organized society, this is just another one of their ubiquitous lies designed to distract us from our ONLY PURPOSE in become consciously connected to the holistic realm our own existence! Now this may sound extremely esoteric and "out there", but I assure you that this is the surface layer of truth that governs our existence. God blessed each of us with Free Will...thus, once we simply observe this reality, it is easy to understand that our "job" isn't to change (peacefully or forcefully) someone else's ride, it is to be in conscious control over our own! We Exist, we have always existed and will always exist...thus there is no such thing as an "end" to our journey...there is no such thing of non-existence within the understanding of existence! Death is merely a physical "end" to one aspect or performance of our eternal expression. Thus, the choices that we make in our own lives, consciously or unconsciously, will always exist and effect the world "out there"...thus, this is the way that we "change the world", by consciously deciding to positively affect the world around us through our personal vibration. Nikola Tesla accurately described the essence to our physical realm here upon Earth as living within and constantly interacting with the electromagnetic Aether. We pull in energy in every moment to exist, this is the "spark" that fuels our cells, not some invisible electron in a world of THEORETICAL particle physics; thus, our conscious state of being determines how we use or expend this electromagnetic energy...this is where the term "personal vibration" comes from. And in every single moment that we exist, we are choosing to act through either the vibration of Love (and all that it entails) or Fear...whether we decide to think our existence to death via our Minds, or feel our way around via our Hearts, WE CHOOSE HOW WE INTERPRET WHAT IS HAPPENING ALL AROUND US!!!

To organized societies across this vast and perfect plane, we are merely chattel to be owned...used and abused, and if we allow ourselves to believe that this world, what I call "the out there", is all there is, then we become and will remain VICTIMS. In victim mode, we passively accept what we sense is going on around us, and respond via a sense of helplessness because we BELIEVE that we are not in charge of the "out there". Thus, more than anything else, this is the "Great Game" that is going on right now, all around us...the game for the control of our minds via the simple belief that all that exists is a world "out there", created long before we were "born", and will continue on existing long after we are "dead". I don't know how else to put this to you other than this...IT'S A illusion, a house of cards that we have all fallen for. I am not saying that the construct of the "out there" world doesn't exist, it does, however, we have been led to believe that we have no control over this world, and that we are merely victims to massive nations, world leaders, international corporations, continent wide weather patterns and natural disasters...again, this isn't true! WE CONTROL OUR OWN RIDES, we always have and we always will. If there is one area of thought where Philosophers, Ancient Religions, Sages, and even Modern Quantum Physics all agree with their beliefs, it is this...that there is no "out there", out there, independent of our own experience! Let me repeat that in perhaps more coherent terms...nothing in the world that we "sense" all around us HAPPENS without our own consent. Now, I realize that for many this statement might be a very difficult truth to wrap their minds around; however, the truth is still the truth, even if it exists in a minority of one! The moment that we come to realize and then embrace that WE have the power to make our own decisions within our reality, regardless of what is going on around us, then we begin to control the world "out there" and make it shift to a reality that we prefer! And this isn't just some esoteric, new-age, mumbo-jumbo, this is THE TRUTH to our reality...and NOTHING in the world "out there" will ever begin to change to a better ride until we accept this simple truth and begin to exercise the vast powers we hold over our own existence! Standing on a protest line for hours in front of threatening riot squads doesn't do a single thing to change the world to a better ride; in fact, the powers-that-be LAUGH at such impotent attempts to show strength...we have no strength in protesting because the RULE OF LAW was created by that tiny minority of people who have to PROTECT THEMSELVES and the sanctity of their creation, ORGANIZED SOCIETY! Protestors are arrested for "undue interference of business practices", while the corporation that is destroying the habitat by fracking the subsurface (polluting everything it contacts) are FREE to continue on with business...and there is a large element of humanity that actually AGREES WITH THIS because they have become mindless zombies to the game of Money...Capitalism...all made possible by allowing God's land to be owned as "Private Property"! However, it wasn't the indigenous peoples and animals that laid such claims on Mother Earth, it was a tiny group of white men who came "late" to the foray, claiming that "they" owned the land because they had printed up "legal" documents that showed TITLE of ownership...which of course is IMPOSSIBLE to do because these people neither created the land in the first place, nor were they the first to live upon it. So, how did they "get away" with the largest swindle in human history??? Well, of course we can blame it on "governments" for being in bed with "business" and allowing such heinous crimes to be legalized; but the reality is, it is OUR FAULT for ACCEPTING this reality, and for continuing to accept this reality. So, do you see??? By our blind and weak consent to the powers-that-be, we have willingly allowed literally a handful of families to rule over this vast and beautiful Earth, even though we outnumber them seven billion to one!!!

So, if you want the truth, because you actually want to change your life to a better ride, and because you want to help make the rest of the world a "better place to live in", then you have come to the right place. And this is why it is so important for you to support our existing work, and the creation of all our future work, because it is here, at Freaksense, the site of Charlie Freak and Collywog, where the ultimate truths of our reality are being shared, and where YOU YOURSELF can apply these simple, but POWERFUL truths to affect change in your own ride, and thus that of the entire world! Because our actions inspire you...and your actions inspire those around you...and it begins to grow exponentially...and when change occurs organically, such as this, there is NOTHING that society can do to stop it or punish it because you can't stop or punish ideas, concepts and vibrations, you can only attempt to derail them by SCARING individuals into never thinking about such "outlandish fantasies"...thus, this is why society is structured the way it is, with Governments, enforced Education, Private Property, a system of Money, Corporations, Advertising, Marketing and Entertainment Industries...everything exists 24/7/365 to BRAINWASH us into becoming prisoners of our own minds, where we exist as both the inmate and the guard. It is time to take back the control of our own conscious minds, into a ride that does NOT CONSENT with evil and with lies...and operates only through the vibration of Love, where we don't hate others for not supporting us, rather we INSPIRE others to join us through the enlightened decisions that we consistently make in the moment!

So take your time to view the various options we have to support our work here on Patreon. We value all of our supporters, regardless of the amount, because we are not building a business here, we are creating a FAMILY! A family that believes in one another, helps one another, so that we can all experience REAL CHANGE in our lives to a better ride! Thank you for taking the time to visit our Patreon page, view our content and support us...there is a synchronistic reason why you found us, and that's because we were meant to share this journey together! And Colleen and I can assure you of this...we will NEVER let you down...we will only, EVER, continue to share the highest possible truths of humanity, regardless of where it leads us! With Love, Namaste.
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Our base goal is to reach $1,000 dollars in donations every month so that we can afford to run Casa Lothlorien and our Animal Rescue shelter al infinitum.  This will afford us the ability to work on our content, everyday, to maintain our prolific rate of important information. If we are able to reach $1,500 dollars per month, we will be able to begin constructing permanent living quarters for all of our animals, which includes our Horses and Goats.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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