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* Written summary of the moment

* Picture of the quilt square created as an interpretation of that moment

* Named on my list of supporters in my book (unless you'd prefer to remain anonymous!)





Warning: this has the potential to completely change your life - forever!

  • Life has not gone to plan and has left you with mixed feelings?
  • You want to break some repeating negative patterns and you've tried lots of things, yet you're still not happy?
  • Ready to explore what is holding you back and do some healing?

Look no further…

I'm Charlie Mitchell, and together we can co-create something amazing!

I have been delivering creative personal and professional development courses and coaching for 20 years. Then life took some very unexpected turns in the last couple of years. I had my own major health challenge, the birth of my third child, the discovery that he has Down Syndrome and the sudden death of my partner when our son was just 10 weeks old, all in under a year.

What doesn't kill us can bring us to our knees, it can change everything in a moment and we have a choice about how we respond.

  • Do we stick with being the victim? (How could this happen to me? What have I done to deserve this? Why me?)
  • Do we blame others? (How could they do this? How dare they?)
  • Do we shame ourselves? (How could I have allowed this to happen? If only I had not been so stupid)

Facing these moments has connected me with truth I have avoided, life questions I thought I knew the answer to, little choices with big implications and big decisions requiring bravery.

These small yet significant moments... Life changing moments... Pivotal moments...

  • How do I move forward in a positive way for my own sake and for the sake of my children?
  • How do I heal myself every day in a healthy way?
  • How do I let go of the life I had planned and live the life that is here with gentleness?

I know a lot of people could benefit from my creative approach to writing.

I combine writing with creating simple crafts, mixed with my intention to heal whatever come up for me at that time. Sometimes it's healing a big thing. Other times it's healing a small thing. I have faced massive challenges and I now know I can heal whatever comes up, using my own unique approach.

This can be completely life changes for others and I need to share this approach far and wide!

Here's the problem, though: I have to go back to work to support my 3 children and that is not compatible with also reaching people with my creative writing. To reach as many people as possible, especially the people who need it most, I need to not only do the writing and creativity, I also need to work on the promotion and marketing including interviews and speaking engagements and it’s not going to be possible while working and taking excellent care of my three children, two of whom have extra support needs and each of whom go to a different place during the day.

I want to be able to choose my writing, and share my messages of hope, courage and possibility with the world and I cannot do it alone. I need you!

Why do I need Patreon?

I am at a crossroads and I would like to be able to dedicate my time to my best work. I would like to be able to share my unique experiences with the world and inspire others who are feeling challenged by the twists and turns of life, and to know that there is possibility; that no matter how badly things seem to be going (and I can confirm life can go from being fabulous to turning into your worst nightmare in a very short space of time), we can heal ourselves and we can find a new path even during the darkest night of our soul.

I can’t do this work while I am also doing what I can to earn enough money to support my family. I need time to meditate. I need time to create the intuitive resources that can further my own healing and support others. I need time to use my creativity to further my journey and to write up my findings. A small contribution from a large number of people would make a massive difference to the quality of my life, and the lives of my children.

What do I want?

Child-free space to create! Love them dearly but their finger painting on the floor doesn’t help with my concentration! This space would give me the opportunity to:
  • Explore 15 life changing moments from the last 2 years
  • Journal about these moments
  • Create a quilted square for each that represents my experience of that moment
  • Explore what I have done to heal already and what I still need to do to heal this moment through my creative expression
  • Review healing resources that I have intuitively developed through intensive therapy and journalling that I have undertaken in the last year
  • Themes include (and are not limited to) love, courage, clarity and healing
  • Join all the squares together to create a whole quilt
  • Piece together the journalling to create a book of my experiences and my healing

This is an opportunity for you to join me on this journey. 

How will your patronage help?

I want to dedicate 20 hours a week to my creative process. I can do this, safely, if I can generate $3000/month

This will contribute to the extra costs I have due to two of my children having disabilities, to me being able to invest in my creative writing process and support the development of self-publishing the book.

What will you get?

All supporters from the $1/month level and up will get access to monthly exclusive content, which you can digitally download and view as I post.

For supports from the $7/month level and up will receive the following at least once per month:
  • A written summary of the moment I am healing
  • A picture of the quilt square created as an interpretation of that moment
  • Your name on the list of supporters in my book (unless you'd prefer to remain anonymous!)

Want to contribute more than $7/month? Cool. I've added some things that are exclusive for people who contribute at higher levels – check out the options…!

I know what I need to do to heal on a daily basis and I'd like to share my learning with you. This is completely life transforming stuff!

For example, you may want to keep a journal. I will provide you with one series of questions per month for self-reflection when you contribute $10 or more. 

And you get to be part of an amazing self-healing community on Facebook when you contribute $25 or more.

You may want to use crafts to explore your personal moments. You could use the same one each month, or try something different:
  • Clay or play doh
  • Drawing or painting
  • Knitting
  • Making bread
  • Collage
  • Stop-motion film
  • Gardening
  • Poetry or creative writing

You could find a friend to take this journey with you, so you can share ideas and explore your moments together.

If you are taking part in your own healing journey alongside me, you decide.

Please note:
  1. I am not a counsellor. I can refer you to an appropriately qualified person if this is helpful.
  2. While I am a qualified coach, I am not coaching or mentoring here. I am here to walk alongside you, to listen and to reflect what I notice. I have no agenda or mission for you to get to a certain place or achieve a certain thing - this is about process not goals
  3. This is not a training course. You get to decide what you take from this and what you will do as a result. 
  4. Preparations are taking place in August 2018 with the exploration of the first of the 15 moments taking place in September.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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