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About Charlie Shephard

Hello everybody, thanks for visiting!

     This page is for our most dedicated fans who would like to get a closer look at our music and access to exclusive content we produce. This page exists for the true fans who would like to support Charlie Shephard and The Spinning Stillness by pledging money and who in return will get access to exclusive content and music posted on this page. Posts may be videos, audio, photos, interviews etc. The minimum amount to be a member is 1$ a month and you are only charged IF a post is made on this page. You can choose your "pledge" amount and corresponding reward on the right side of the page. You can set the maximum amount you would like to "pledge" a month.

     The reason for of a page like this in the current modern age is because people rarely buy recorded music anymore and musical artists etc. do not need a record label to have success. Musical artists etc. need their true fans to support them on a continual basis so they can continue to create the art that they do.

Fans and technology play a important role nowadays and it is the true fans that can help make great music happen independently. Your support is appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

This page will constantly be evolving...

Thank you,

Charlie & the Band



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