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About Charlliam Studio

When not busy pondering life together, brothers Charlie* and William** create animations inspired by classical music. They find classical music mesmerizing, but why not more kids or young people listen to it? Granted for pop music you can sing along while watching intriguing music videos, but classical music can be engaging too:

Hence the creation of Charlliam Fantasies, animated stories that explore and express the classical music world, and carry one important life message each Fantasy. The intro video above is the just-released Charlliam Fantasy I - The Legend of Twin Flowers. Charlie being the pianist and William the animator.

Brothers Charlliam would like to create Charlliam Fantasy II, III, IV and more, but every animation takes a lot of effort - Charlliam Fantasy I took months of hard work (Disney Fantasia 2000 took 74 years)! Without encouragement from you, it is hard to keep working on the project (eg Charlie is in Junior year).

If you like the project, please help spread the word and consider becoming a Patron! Animation takes time, but you will be the first to know the progress on the animation and enjoy the special rewards. Thank you!!

If you're curious why create Charlliam Fantasy when there's already Disney Fantasia, simple: So far Disney creates one Fantasia every 74 years; and while their animations are great, their stories range from bad to lackluster, or there was no story. The only wonderful & music-matching story out of both movies was not even their original. Charlliam Fantasies won't have better drawings, but can be far more regular and fantastic (pun intended)!

* Charlie Liu (16) is a world-class junior pianist that has won more top prizes from the best International and National junior piano competitions in the USA than anyone else in the past 2 years. He had set a world record at age 8 to perform in all 3 concert halls inside the world-famous Carnegie Hall, and also performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Oprah Winfrey Show.
** William Liu (11) is an aspiring animator that strives to be funny and creative, and his comics and stick figure animations are certainly both!
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