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About Charlotte Zone

Hi, I'm Charlotte and welcome to my Patreon Page! I am a 13 year old singer/songwriter and producer from London, England and I'd love for you to join me on my journey of learning and creating music! I'm going to be posting my music videos and sharing some behind the scenes content for you all and I really hope you enjoy it!

All of your incredibly generous donations will be supporting me to make my music videos and to keep creating new music for you all! I will be posting all of my music videos here and also some behind the scenes pictures and videos to show you what goes in to what I do and where your donations are being used! The maximum number of posts my Patrons will be charged for is 1 per week which will be my Friday music videos. You'll never be charged for any of my behind the scenes or exclusive Patreon content!
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As I'm sure you've all seen on the Lens, my studio upgrades are all finished! We have new lights, camera and now a new editing workstation and I hope you think the videos are looking better than ever! You all know I've been to Nashville recently and that was the most amazing experience of my life and I met the most incredible people there. I have the opportunity to go back to Nashville more frequently over the coming months to write, produce and record new originals to share with you all. My biggest goal now is to use your incredibly generous donations to help fund my trips to Nashville and the production of this new music. 
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