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About Chas Emme

Hi there! I'm Charles McGarry, under the professional name of Chas Emme, and I am so excited to have you visit.  Whether you become one of my patrons, or simply want to follow me, thank you from the bottom of my wishing well. You can also find me on Instagram at

You probably want to know a little about me, so here we go. I am a creator of art, both written and designed, but I am more than that. I am also a lightbringer, and by that I mean that I want what I create to enhance the existence of human beings by giving them a new perspective on life, or simply entertaining them.

So, why Patreon? Well the answer is simple.  I want to devote more of my time to my craft, but I work a full time job that demands the majority of my time, and I have to make sure the bills are paid and my kids can eat. If I can eat too, that's even better. My ultimate goal is to be a fully funded full time creator.

Now, you need answers to the following questions:

What will your patrons be supporting? You will be supporting my goal of becoming a full time content creator, but until that happens, I will use your generous donations to fund the cost of creating new things for the world, paying for content permissions where necessary, and other costs associated with my creations. I may want to buy drinks while working on new content at the local coffee shop as well.

What specifically do you create? I create YouTube videos centered around book reviews and other reading related subjects. I also create original cartoon art for a brand I am creating called Tao te Chas. I have been heavily influenced by Lao Tzu in the Tao te Ching, and thought to myself "How would I express my views on life and the universe?" The result was Tao te Chas.  I also do other original artwork, and written works both fiction and nonfiction.

What do your Patrons get? Well first off, you get the warm and fuzzy feeling of being a patron, and joining the prestigious ranks of those like you who have supported other creators over the centuries. Creators like Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and others all had patrons that supported their endeavors. You'll also get exclusive perks, depending on what support level you jump in at, so make sure to read about my different support options.

NOTE: Tiers are subject to change. 

Again, I am honored that you are here, and I look forward to our partnership together.

Embracing the Magic,

Chas Emme
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