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About Chasing Tales Outdoors

Hi there and welcome to the Chasing Tales Outdoor Podcast! We do things a bit differently than some of the other outdoor podcasts. Chasing Tales seeks to inspire others to pursue their dreams and adventures, through interviews with hunters, anglers, trappers, and adventurers from across the globe; and documenting the adventures of the host and others. Our hope, is that we will inspire you to chase your outdoor dreams and passions!

We are lucky to have some of the best listeners of our podcast. You support us with reviews on iTunes and sending us encouraging and flattering messages throughout the year. Honestly, those interactions are what make the long nights worth it! One of our core principles is to never become too bogged down with corporate sponsors so that we can remain true and genuine to who we are! Your contributions help make that a reality, and as our support grows, we will be able to grow Chasing Tales Outdoors to include films, webisodes, and travel around the country to meet some of the amazing people in the outdoor community to bring you their stories as well.

Thanks for all you do, 
Host of Chasing Tales Outdoors
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Whew! When we reach $100 a month we will be able to upgrade our camera equipment! That will be a huge deal for us, and so to say thank you, we will do a semi-annual product review and giveaway!
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