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About Chello Dachance

Chello Da Chance Bio– Music - Career - Passion - Beliefs - Goals..
Marcelo Diaz De Villegas (also known as Chello Dachance) is an accomplished singer/songwriter, producer, and dancer whose passion for musical storytelling began during his teenage years. Embarking upon his creative career in the heart of New York City in the 90s, he ultimately started touring across the globe, from Argentina to Europe, Mexico to Australia. Widely known for his eclectic, diverse approach, his musical style showcases a seamless crossover of Indi, Soulful, Pop, and Funk with Spanish undertones and direct influences from music legends Prince, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie.

Chello is currently based in Santa Monica, California, where he soliciting his song catalog for publishing and licensing. He continues to develop, express and share his music, reaching out to more people and expanding the ever-growing fan base through several social media platforms.

I love being a Dad, and close to my daughters working every day to make that happen. I like to play music with friends and enjoy the recording process. I love having those moments when I can just ponder an idea and walk on sand barefoot. I enjoy making people laugh and for them to be happy. I am most uneasy in crowds unless I’m entertaining them, kind of a dark secret of mine. I love to cook, with family, friends, one of my deep expressions of love. I am grateful all the time for all I have and all that is coming my way.

My sense of empathy for the world we live on, and the maintenance of our planet so to speak, is strong. I am very sensitive to the destruction, war, racism, and the slew of harmful human activity that affect most lives on earth. I feel the need to give back in addition to music with faith, vision and a sense of optimism and enthusiasm for life. I know I can make a difference with a song.
"I SEE GREEN", "HUMANS" and "ONE IS ALL", are a testament to that.
"MANIFESTING SONGS THAT POSITIVELY TRANSFORM LIVES". I believe like so many that music really is an avenue to the higher ground, and can truly transform lives, find your mission.
If you took the time to read all of this and would like to support.

Be part of Da meaning, Da truth, and Da music with Dachance.

10% of all proceeds go to  The Venus Project. 

Thank you,
Chello Dachance.
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100 song music catalog by November <g>25,</g> 2019

I have been writing lyrics and music for 25 plus years, Worked with so many amazing musicians, producers, and engineers. I have acquired a catalog of material, and need to find something to do with them. Over a year ago I began, <g>Dachance</g> Music Publishing, a platform to fuse the music, lyric writing in English, Spanish, the song licensing publishing, and yes, get paid.

The song catalog I have currently is dated sounds old, tape fuzz, noisy, not radio ready!!!!

Songs are great and need to be redone!!!! ( the reference to "Songs" are also, cues, instrumental tracks, all included)

Songs need to be rerecorded and done with today's innovative sounds and music production.
I have begone this process over a year and have close to an album of new material, I would like to jump start this operation and get a song a week done…

What I ask of my <g>Patreons</g> is the funding to rerecord catalog or portions of a catalog. I am looking to raise upwards of $100,000 dollars to prepare a million dollar song catalog.
100 songs for $100,000 dollars.

Songs can be shopped as they are finished, ready for immediate placement.

This is to be broken down into a 2 <g>2year</g> process, to produce 50 plus songs per year approximately.

This is done with a team of managers artists and producers ready to engage in a recording.

Don E <g>Productions,</g> and Synergy Management provide artists.

<g>Dachance</g>, and Jinkus Productions, songwriting, sound engineer and music producers.

The final chapter, get it to the right people…..Media and Marketing.

We are currently placing songs with Australia’s billboard artist, Ferrita, and Alternative Latin Artist Hector Geronimo, Mexico LA.

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