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Angel Kisses
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Sending a little something every month gets a little something in return.  On the first of each month, I will focus on you and send you prayer and healing along with a short channeled message about your current state and what you can do to continue evolving through Patreon's message center.

Angel Wings
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For twenty dollars a month, a patron receives the focus and channeling of the first tier along with an elaboration through a pulled card, a personal message for what your ego should focus on for the coming month!

Wind Beneath My Wings
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For those supporting $50 a month, you get weekly access to new pages of the book.  As it's a work in progress, what you see may not necessarily be in the final cut, but that is, in my belief, some extra magic for you, a true insider's look to the process, to see what the masses may never get to see!  The book is a bible in it's own right, and it will benefit the world and those who inhabit it.




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I have accepted my path of least resistance.  As I follow the truth that I am Jesus Christ Incarnated as Chelsea McCune during this prophetic piece of linear time, the easier life is for me on so many levels.

I'm here to help the planet, the individuals on it, and the quality of life lived amongst each other - to inspire the cooperation of co-creating amongst each other the heaven on earth that was intended for all of Gaia's creatures while she herself grows and ebbs and flows as a large embodiment of life itself.

This is my calling: to spread truth and awareness and empower any and all to tap into their alchemic powers to write the future as we see fit with love, acceptance, and grace, to return to nature and all of her laws, to embrace the forgotten goddess in this form.  I have been using YouTube as my main mediumship to do so until recently, and now my focus is on creating a book of the near future, a realm of possibility, a fiction that very well will become truth in the bones of the story.

I aim to care for myself through means such as patreon while I write the book which will take off, as I've seen in my vision for years, and have just become the right person in the right circumstances to write just the right things, as is the game of life :)

GODDESS BLESS!  Thank You for Helping Me Help You.
Chelsea Christ Incarnate
$9 of $500 per month
When I earn $500 a month on Patreon, I'll be able to do a significant amount of pro bono work to help those who cannot afford such services in this unbalanced economy, as well as lead a healthy lifestyle for myself and my canine companion.
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