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I love dollars. A journey of a 1000 steps started with...something about a dollar. Even taxonomy promotes dollars (see silver dollar fish, sand dollars, etc).

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About Chelsea Schuyler

What Is It...You Do Here?
Behold science! Bizarre experiments, dinosaurs, Pac-Manesque mitochondria, poisonous produce...nature is amazing! But unfortunately, it's often presented in a dry, boring, or jargon-heavy way, making it inaccessible to us normal folk.

I believe that laughter and enthusiasm are the best ways we learn.
I use pop culture, humor, and conversational language to talk about science.

I strive to make the marvels of science accessible to everyone. Inspiration from the natural world makes my day better, influences my decisions (Science for President!), and helps me to better understand this crazy universe and species that I'm a part of. Laughter is fun, reduces stress, and helps makes concepts more memorable.
Laughter + Enthusiasm + Science = The Chelsea

How My Blog Works
My blogs are often started with a question from a follower, who knows that I will not rest until all authoritative sources have been scoured. Said scouring leads to hilarious and unbelievable human folly, bizarre facts, and freakish experiments, as well as a legitimate explanation that just needs to be translated. So I share that with you.

My Dream: Get Into Schools
One of my followers once commented: "This is awesome and make total sense. I am about to send it off to my son’s high school biology teacher."

This inspired a dream I have to eventually work with high school science teachers to write companion blogs to their textbook content. I would love to help kids get interested in STEM fields, and to show them an example of a woman who loves and studies science (me!).

How Can You Help?
  • you pledge a “per-blog” amount that feels right for you
  • you'll be charged at the end of each month based on how many blogs I wrote
  • you can set a monthly maximum so in case I go rant-crazy you won't go broke
I aim to post about 1 - 2 blogs a month.

Learning should be fun and explained with stories and humor (which helps with retainment).  I want to help encourage STEM in kids and adults.
Help me out?
$40 of $50 per creation
I make actual money by editing other people's writing. That's cool n'all, but I'd love to spend more time explaining stuff and being ranty whilst secretly making everyone (including me) more knowledgeable, positive, and wowed by Nature. For now, more money = more blogs. $50 lets me take a few hours off to start a blog.
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