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I make MyResumeRobot, WickedFast, and Cherrybit. I do software & automation marketing for small businesses, and enjoy homebrewing & android. I'm now learning direct marketing, outsourcing, and publishing. Follow me on Snapchat, Twitter, or read my posts. If all else fails, you can always email me.

Follow me if you want to support my development. I'm going to Australia next month. Last year I was in Korea and Vietnam, and the year before that I was in Western Europe.

www.myResumeRobot.com for people who simply want to get hired with low effort. My automation tool will apply to 100s of jobs a day based on your search terms.

www.WickedFastSolutions.com for Industrial scale Java solutions for Project Managers and CTOs to supercharge their development cycles.

www.howlinfuse.com for conscious life stylists that enjoy handpicked and curated kombucha ingredients in a nifty monthly subscription kit.

All Patreons that are on my 50+$ a month tier have 100% access to my 500$-a-service SaaS MyResumeRobot.com to use as well as all premium posts from my personal blog.

But really, at heart I'm a full stack developer with a passion for making individuals benefit from their own work.

  • develop lifestyle apps and entertainment apps pro bono for the community.
  • 100% Free with No ADS or IAPs for new releases.
  • I take requests and stream on livecoding.tv/jakeinmn often.
  • I coach and mentor anyone pro bono whoever wants to learn more about my hobbies including programming and business development
  • Goals
    $0 of $50 per month
    I have a few web apps that I have made. This would be able to pay for the hosting on nearlyfreespeech.com for the rest of the year.
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    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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