is creating vocal covers and (in the future) own songs
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About CherryblossomVoice

Hello my dear visitors ~
I'm very happy that you found my site on

Time to introduce myself:
My name is Cherry, I am born at 14th November 1998 and I'm singing on youtube since my 12th age.
I can't imagine a world without singing anymore, that's why I wanna become a singer one day.
I'm working hard to make my dream come true and hope you will escort this journey with me!

Please check out my last cover.
Maybe I can convince you, with my work, to help me a bit :)

$0 of $300 per mounth
If this goal is reached, I could buy new high quality equipment to improve the quality of my videos.
I also would be able to take more singing lessons than only one time in a week.
and much more... !

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