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Why hello there, my sparkling fizzy!  Thank you for checking out my Patreon!

Even if you've never been a patron before, Patreon is easy to sign up for! Patreon is a wonderful way to help support the artists & content creators you love. 

Here's what you'll be helping to bring to life by becoming a patron: 

Cherry Fizz

Cherry Fizz helps you SPARKLE MORE in all aspects of your life, through projects like Majorly Arcana, Pop Art Witch, and Gamify Your Goals.

I'm creating representational media and teach both mundane & magickal methods for creators to accomplish their dreams, too.

By supporting my Patreon, I'll be able to launch my various projects and bring the world of Cherry Fizz to life.

Majorly Arcana

Majorly Arcana is where I teach you how to grant your own wishes, using witchcraft!

At, I use pop culture to teach witchcraft, and talk about witchcraft in pop culture.

There's a whole network of witchy websites I'll release as my patronage grows, and I'm excited to cover magick and witchcraft from all angles.

When we unlock the first goal, I'll deep dive into all manner of witchy TV shows on my show, The Witchy Review.

By supporting my Patreon, I'll be able to continue to research & write about more occult topics, open up my network of witchy websites, and explore magick & witchcraft in pop culture even further.

Pop Art Witch

My personal fine artwork! I create photography, gifs, music, and films with my unique vision.

By supporting my Patreon, you'll help me create more photography, GIFs, and music... with enough support, together we can unlock bad ass film projects!

Gamify Your Goals


Whether you're a mage or a muggle, Gamify Your Goals will teach you how to use gamification to go after and accomplish your goals and dreams, and optimize your life.

While I love talking about witchy stuff, I also am one of those types who is always learning how to get EVERYTHING done most efficiently, constantly testing new productivity tips, and always up to date on the latest trends and apps.

The website will be unlocked after we reach the 2nd Patreon goal!


This is just a short list of the projects I'll be creating. There's so much more that I want to bring to the table, this is only the start of our hero's journey together!

By supporting my Patreon, we'll bring the world of Cherry Fizz to life!

1% complete
At this goal, I'll dig in-depth into witchy TV shows, such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Witches of East End, Good Witch, Charmed, all of em, on The Witchy Review.

In addition, I'll release one (or more!) of my new websites.
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