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First of all, Thank You for visiting my page and supporting me!

I am a proud Multi - Media artist where on my channel I Draw, Sing, Dance, and Vlog! 

Drawing has been my passion for 15+ years and I have grown to do more with it! I plan to do big things with my abilities in the sketching department! But can't reveal that just yet. . . . ^^ shhh 

Singing has been a very slow learning process for me. I did not start great, but I have come to learn that some talents CAN be learned with a lot of hard work and passion. I've always wanted to be a singer, but my shyness got in the way. It still does! Of course that's ok! I'm learning that yes I may be learning this skill slowly but that doesn't mean it's impossible.

Dancing used to be my worst nightmare as a kid! Can you believe it? Now it's my workout, my social drug, and new language!!!! Boys and Girls! If I can do it YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Lastly Vlogging is now a necessity for me whenever something huge happens or if I want to reveal some behind the scenes of my work! It's where I can be the most raw self and share with you my life! 

So please! I do have sights for becoming bigger than just me. My sights is to help every one of you. Help this world become a better place and grow into a more positive environment through entertainment! 

With your help, It will boost my financial chances to creating those even BIGGER projects I have planned but must keep to myself. (Yes I have some major plans) 

Again Thank you for considering me and making me a part of your life. I want us to work together! 
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When I reach $500 per month, I'll dedicate a video to 1 patreon every month! 
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