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About Cherry White

We are Cherry White, a London based 4 piece who have been making great music for 5 years.  What started out as a blues band quickly developed into something deeper and broader; featuring elements of prog, jazz, folk, pop and blues, the end result can only be described as one thing ... Cherry White!
In the last 5 years we have recorded 2 EP's, 1 Single and 1 full length album (all in all 22 original songs recorded in the studio), we've played gigs and festivals all over the UK and in Europe, we've had a session on BBC radio and had radio play as far afield as Brazil, Canada and the USA.  All of this has been done as a fully independent band.

Looking back at all that is great, but we're moving ever forward and we have plenty of ideas, but, as always, we are nothing without you!  We need your help, we need your patronage.

So we'll be putting out lots of "things" (music videos, live streams, live videos, demos) in the coming months, building up to the bigger projects down the line ... Will you join us?

Love, Cherry White xx
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