Cheshire Demonic

is creating Cosplay and crafts
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Smallest tier for those that want to help but may be limited. The name is not meant to be insulting.

There will be a drawing for a prize for this tier every few (3) months. Prizes are small hand made crafts.

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Beans are a step up from Babies and will have a chance to win a prize every month. Prizes are small hand made crafts.
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Charms are another step up and will be my second highest tier at the moment. They will be entered for a chance to win two small prizes or one large prize per month.




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About Cheshire Demonic

Hey there so I'm not sure what exactly to put here. I am 21 and work full time so I wont be able to work on my stuff here very often, I have set the charge rate to reflect this and it will only charge when I make something and not monthly. I will make sure to announce this a few days before hand on my social media platforms so it won't be a surprise.

Facebook: not made yet
IG: cheshire_demonic
Twitter: not made
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Setting my goals low so I can build but my ultimate goal is to get more people involved in the cosplay community because it is amazing and most people are very accepting and friendly.
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