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In a nutshell Patreon allows you to donate a fixed amount each month. The more you donate, the better the reward (in stream or on discord).

Also check out my song dedications. This is the most precious thing I can give you and I enjoy every minute of our conversation and the composition time while we do these.

From the bottom of my heart, I want you to thank you for your tremendous support (monetary or otherwise). Your support is the reason why I can pursue my dream to make and play music for a living.

Yours truly,
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- My deepest thanks for your financial support. I will publicly thank you for your patronage next time I live stream.

 - An MP3 download of Mellow Monday sets as seen on my YouTube channel.

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- Your questions answered via direct messaging on Discord. I'll provide advice on music and other topics.

- Added to the Patron section on our Discord channel
- Includes all rewards from lower levels

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- Added to my special thanks list that is shown on Mellow Mondays

- Special chat colour in discord

- Custom emote on discord. DM me on Discord to upload.
- Includes all rewards from lower levels

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How is something like this even possible?
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