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Slice of Life SPARKS! brings you an array of moments in the 5D Living Life Style of a female artist and her team of Co-Creators, pioneering The United States of Love.

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Win every month an Artwork Original, conceived, gestated and painted in Alchemy Art Village, Costa Rica.

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Please you follow us:
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√ You'll be first getting invitations to on line webinars, art shows and live events. Thank you! Welcome to our 5D life Style
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In my experience, the relationship between Artist and Collector is about emotional connection, mutual admiration, inspiration, projects sharing, conscious personal whereabouts updates, Spiritual Conversations, Books exploration, Metaphysical Play and more. 

In sum, the relationship between myself, my Art and my collectors is an Intimate-vulnerable-relationship between real human beings. 

For an artist like me, it is not possible to hide, my art is my revelation. 

The ones that have *Eyes to See beyond the Obvious. 

*Ears to hear beyond the everyday noise. 

*Nose to detect and aspire truth in a saturated polluted air environment. 

*Skin to sense emotions, feel textures, enjoy pleasure. 

And, a *HeArt in coherence with their *Mind, can attuned the *Love-Frequency *Code-Activation, emanating from Water Goddesses, Male-Trees, Mermaids, Bee-Fairies...

My Art is a visual narrative, inviting and inspiring lightness, flow, easiness, sensuality, love, pleasure, pristine nature, connection, beauty, divine female&male, new myth, the elements, alchemy and a new-love-human-ecosystem. 

How can You become ChíaOrtegonArt-Collector?

Our first step is Connecting. We can connect through social media, [email protected] FB Chia Ortegon Art. 

We can text via FB messenger, if I'm working on a Project and you feel inspire to follow, I send pics, videos, audios, and organically made content, sharing my Creative Process. Some of my collectors love to witness my creative "madness".

And if you have a particular question or inquire about my art, we can also programmed a Voice-Conversation. 

For a more detailed agreements, We can connect via email [email protected]

I personally prefer FB as my favorite communication channel, because is possible to make a phone call, to attached documents, to send voice messages, video, video calls and group chats. I'll be happy to hear from you. 

I accept Art Purchases paying by installments that may start at $500 per week? every two weeks? or per month? The dollar amount on this Tier is a guide for our starting point $ynergy. 

Of course, a negotiation will happened and agreements are made with full transparency and commitment to mutually deliver our promises.

I'm very proud to say that all my Art Collectors are really happy with our flow and easiness during an Art acquisition. Most of them have collected my large Originals. I also offer limited edition reproductions, originally embellished by hand. 

Every Art Work comes with an Authenticity Certificate and Originally Signed.

Last, but not least it is my pleasure to Invite you to View my Art in [email protected] and www.ChiaOrtegonArt.Com 

Looking forward to Connect with you, 

Chia Ortegón Art

Pioneering The United States of Love Movement. Are you Inspired?  





  • To help transmute Human-Fear "plandemic" happening now at Global Scale :: We are facilitating the emergence of a new "Earth" of beloveds'. We're a community of Women&Men connecting to ELEVATE our individual and collective Frequency. Welcome home!
The United States of Love is an ascended Energetic~Currency in our Journey from 3D Matrix to 5D Paradise
Metaphysically, we are going on a Journey with our Higher-Self overriding the old/obsolete 3D Matrix narrative and quantum leaping to our upgraded consciousness state. We are co-creating our 5D human society on planet earth, where "LOVE" is not what we were conditioned to think but rather a limitless source of creator's influx for soul ascension.

PIONEERING 5d Life~Style
We are aware that this is a pretty outhere/pioneer Vision. Our story is that we are coming from a future time-line ... an "ascended" frequency now connecting with 3D Matrix and our self-aspects over there. I was told that everyone with connective frequencies is welcome and included in the dialogue.
In Organic~Time we will be opening the etheric gates, bringing forth Audiobooks, Workshops, Alchemical-Journeys, Mysticism,Art, Metaphysics and Interviews. 

The story of My Female Artist Avatar named Chia Ortegon, began 7 years ago when GAIA's love transmission began "infusing my being with a passionate inner fire to SERVE the eco-system, specially water and trees. Her message also included her beloved human family." 

I was Instructed to Serve with my art as follows...
... serve as an inspiration to open "windows" into dense, dark "caves" where many people remain unhappy ... teaching how to disperse the illusion of a trapping fear. And story telling, mostly about our 5D lifestyle, the human holographic society on Planet Earth.

Where are we investing our Creativity?
We are investing our creativity co-creating the new 5D holographic human story on planet earth; where "LOVE" is not what we were conditioned to think but rather a limitless source of creator's influx for soul ascension. 

It is the connecting frequency with The United States of Love that GAIA is emanating 
On the Metaphysical Level: GAIAS' influx of love-transmissions requiere surrendering to massive Creativity and connection with the Divine. Surrender to Service, Authenticity, Integrity, Transparency, Mutual Support, Inner Fire and resonant JOY...

On the Physical Level: Audiobooks, Video Blogs, Workshops, Art, Mysticism, Conferences, Metaphysics and dashes of Humor...
You are Welcome to join us! Your support is welcome!


ART PROJECTS into our 5D Journey 
1. Alchemy Art Village :: Physical Container
2. ChiaOrtegonArt-TALKS :: Video Conferences, Workshops and Interviews
3. #ImEcoMuse and so are YOU! Upcycled fashion movement & LifeStyle
4. The Golden Tent :: International Women Circles. Divine Feminine Renaissance      

The mission of our projects is to ACTIVATE our human Energetic~love/Currency in our Journey from 3D Matrix to 5D Paradise::Facilitating our Human Holographic Society on Planet Earth. Join us!
Check out our Generous GIFTS for YOU! 
Each Project has its own Perk, YOU CHOOSE which Project you want to support?

You can also support more than one Project or ALL of them!

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Los Estados Unidos del Amor son un Fluir Energético de Ascensión  ~ en nuestro Viaje desde 3D Matrix a 5D Paraíso.

Metafísicamente, estamos emprendiendo un viaje con nuestro Yo Superior anulando la antigua / obsoleta narración 3D Matrix y el salto cuántico a nuestro estado ascendido de conciencia , donde estamos co-creando la nueva historia humana de 5D en el planeta tierra y donde "AMOR" no lo que estábamos condicionados a pensar, sino más bien una fuente ilimitada de influjo de la fuente  para la ascensión del alma.

Estilo de Vida 5d::PIONEROS
Somos conscientes de que esta es una visión bastante pionera para muchos. Sin embargo, El mensaje de GAIA es que toda persona que sienta la resonancia del amor es bienvenida e incluida en el diálogo.

La historia de mi Artista~Avatar , llamada Chia Ortegon, comenzó hace 7 años cuando la transmisión de amor con GAIA comenzó a "infundir mi ser con un apasionado fuego interno para SERVIR el ecosistema, especialmente el agua y los árboles. Su mensaje también incluía a su amada familia humana.

" Fui instruida para Servir con mi Arte de la siguiente manera ...
inspirar el abrir "ventanas" en las "cuevas" densas y oscuras donde permanecen infelices muchas personas...
Aconsejar como dispersar la ilusión de un miedo atrapador.
Contar Historias,

sobre el estilo de vida en 5D, la sociedad holografíca humana en el Planeta Tierra. 

Sinergía! es la frecuencia conectora con Los Estados Unidos del Amor que GAIA esta emanando...  
Estas transmisiones requieren un constante fluir de Creatividad y conexión con lo Divino, de parte del emisor. Y de una receptividad intencional de parte del receptor.
La sinergia se testifica con autenticidad, integridad, transparencia, apoyo mutuo, fuego interior y ALEGRÍA resonante ...
Le damos la bienvenida ¡Unase!  

PROYECTOS del Arte~Alquímica en Acción:
1. Alchemy Art Village :: Contenedor físico
2. ChiaOrtegonArt-TALKS :: Videoconferencias, talleres y entrevistas
3. #ImEcoMuse y tú también! Movimiento de moda reciclaje, auto-sostenibiliad y Estilo de Vida en la Naturaleza.
4. The Golden Tent :: International Women Circles. Renacimiento Divino Femenino

La misión de nuestros Proyectos de Arte~Alquímica en Acción es ACTIVAR la energía del Amor al siguiente nivel de consciencia en nuestro Viaje desde la Matrix 3D al Paraíso 5D. 
 Facilitando asi la creación de nuestra Sociedad Holográfica Humana en el Planeta Tierra.

Le damos la Bienvenida a este gran salto cuántico. 

¡Tenemos generosos REGALOS!

Cada proyecto tiene su propio beneficio/regalo para usted,
¿USTED ELIGE qué proyecto desea apoyar?
¡También puede apoyar más de un proyecto o TODOS ellos!

Reciba nuestro profundo aprecio Xo, Chía

Síganos en Instagram y FB ~> @AlchemyArtVillage @ChiaOrtegonArt

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