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About chibigaia

✿ Hello there!
Thank you for checking out my Patreon page!
I'm Gaia, I love drawing fanarts and comics about my favourite characters but that's not all! I'm working hard to start some of my original stories!

✿ What are the current original projects?
I'm working on a project called "The Divine Comedic Adventures of Dante and Vergil"!
The title expains itself: it is a series of comics based on Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, narrating in a comical way the adventures Dante has with his inspirations and senpai-esques guides, Vergil and Beatrice.
The comic is currently published on the Website (and app) Astromica; I'll work on a full English translation very soon!

Upcoming projects include about 3 longer comics!
Some of the characters drawings are already on my Tumblr but as soon as things get sorted out I'll upload more stuff on Patreon!

✿ Any fan comic going on?
A Tenmiko AU comic, set in a fantasy world!
The Knight and The Mage are on a quest to find Himiko's missing Master. All characters from V3 are going to appear at some point!
The pages are fully colored and they take a lot of time so support is very appreciated!

✿ But what's Patreon?
Behind the work of every artist there's a lot of practice and, of course, tons of sketches, doodles, dumped projects and much more! If you become my patron, you will be able to see all of that, based on the pledge you are willing to give! :>

✿ So thank you! Your support will mean a lot to me!

✿Other ways to help!
Commissions || Redbubble || Ko-Fi
$19 of $50 per month
Thank you a lot for your support! An Art Giveaway is on its way for my Patreons!
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