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We will record a commentary track to a movie or WWE PPV and post it it so you can feel like you are in the room with us. Just don't bring Oreos... Steve may burst through the wall.

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We will release any videos/podcasts we do one day early for patrons at this level!!!! That way, you can be in the know before all the other plebeians. Though Shane still won't know. He is the Jon Snow of CGS...

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We are a group of passionate geeks who get together and podcast about the things we LOVE.

Comics, movies, video games, board games, you name it we will talk about it. We cover so many topics, you will never know what is going to happen.

We started this group as a way to express how much we love being geeks and we want you to share with us. Thank you for clicking the link to this page, and we hope you consider being a Patreon for the Chicago Geek Society. It is a hell of a time to be a geek, and we're excited you're joining us for the ride!
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