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About Chi for Healing

Erik Harris, founder of Chi for Healing, is a holistic healing practitioner who holds professional certifications as a Qi Gong Instructor, Chinese Herbalist, Asian Body Therapist, Medicinal Aromatherapist, Auriculo-therapist, Reiki therapist, and Tong Ren Therapist.
Chi for Healing offers these modalities as well as cupping therapy, guasha, moxibustion, crystal therapy, meditation, EFT, TSR, and sound healing. Erik uses an integrative approach drawing upon his experience in practice for 10 + years. He has helped many people heal from a wide variety of conditions. Catering to the individual he will recommend herbs, teas, dietary changes, exercises, and detoxing techniques to get to the root cause of dis-ease.

Erik calls himself an earth walker because has been deeply connected to nature his entire life. He he loves to forage for wild plants and mushrooms. He makes herbal tinctures and other products from this wild medicine. When we bring ourselves closer to nature by using the medicine and  teachings of the earth we all become earth walkers. 

Erik has used all of the practices that he works with to heal himself from spinal injuries, lyme disease, and digestive issues. This is why he is so passionate about helping others to heal. It is now his life’s purpose to share the tools that he used to heal himself with the world. 
The purpose of this account is to spread all of the knowledge that he has learned in his healing journey so that people can use holistic healing to better their lives. 

You can also hear Erik on his new podcast Healing Is In Your Hands-Empower yourself through holistic healing with cohost Kim Fleck.

For more information contact [email protected] 860-593-8397