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Hello everyone from all over the world!!
     An introduction for all °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
So somehow you seem to have landed on my page and this compels me to tell you a bit more about myself :D I'm Chiharu-J and I'm an artist/illustrator and comic creator hailing from sunny South Africa who is happiest in snuggly clothes and drinking coffee with mini-marshmallows while I'm illustrating or animating. 

So why am I here?
I grew up with a great love of all creative things, I mean as 5 year old my favourite movie was Nightmare Before Christmas :D  

All jokes aside though, art is really something I see myself doing till forever and I hope to make this a full time thing one day so I focus on being creative but still making some kind of a living out of it. Funding contributes towards bettering my equipment to bring patrons a lot more, making sure I keep the roof over my head (wouldn't want wet equipment now would we), buying a bit more time out of my day to produce more art stuff and of course to keep my energy drink of choice ( coffee with marshmallows).

 So how about it? A little pledge for some exclusive content and more fun stuff.
A little really goes a long way and who knows there might be artbooks, posters and other little goodies such as badges in future.

So currently I'm the creator of one ongoing comic. My baby from the very beginning, the elemental adventure Kami Element (featured in the top image.)
The digital comic is free to read but future plans include physical books.
So find the comic on Webtoon

An artist never stops creating so yes there will be projects coming up other than just illustrations and the comic so every bit helps in helping me make time for all the wonderful shiny projects I want to pursue. In exchange,
there are rewards such as:

Exclusive early access to new comic pages
Full Res Wallpapers of comic characters and other illustrations
Animation Sketches
Concept Sketches of characters, animation doodles and more

Check out the Rewards Bar in order to find out which Patron you would like to be and remember, as I said before, a little goes a long way so you might think that your contribution is small but it's helping to do something and of course getting you some goodies along with it. 
  I'm always open to suggestions for what my Patrons would like.

Please enjoy the art I provide on this page and check me out on other sites as well :D

Want to read some my rants about food, art and everything in life, then join me on
Twitter just to stalk me or have a conversation.

Remember to find me on other sites as well. 
Tumblr, Tapastic, Carbonmade.


$0 of $100 per month
This will allow more time to build up a proper buffer for  Kami Element instead of finishing a page during the week it's supposed to be published.
So every week will guarantee a page. 
Reward: Hi-Res wallpaper of a Kami Element Illustration. 
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