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What brings me to Patreon? Well, lets start by me telling you who I am. I'm a 33 year old African, who in search of education and knowledge has spent some time living in 4 different continents. Learning to fit into what the society wants me to be. To be "successful" according to the terms as defined by all. This in itself isn't bad, as those who love you want to see you succeed,....they want to see you "make it", and to some extent, by society standards I have been successful for some periods in life (A certified Project manager - Civil engineer).
But, this new paragraph, a new paragraph in my life started with a "BUT". I lost my dad sometime in 2015, and it got me thinking,.....I'm "successful" now, but am I truly fulfilled? Am I doing what makes me happy? Is this a role that truly brings out the best qualities in me? Am I living my best life? When I die, would this version of me and the memories created be a true reflection of "Chika"?
I moved, left my job, relocated to be with my wife here in Canada and decided to give it one helluva good shot. Risk it all at a chance to live my life on my terms, and give the best of me to the world. Like raw gold, I'm brushing off all the impurities (inhibitions), melting the artistic gold I have stored inside, and pouring it all out into a mould, the mould I have chosen, (and might I say its a darn good mould) a mould big enough to take all of me. I'm bringing to you guys the best of me, poured out in literature, sometimes fictional stories I paint in my head, sometimes autobiography, sometimes a bit of both interwoven in heartfelt poetry.
So back to the question, why am I here? I hope you were patient enough to read all I have written. I'm here to be dedicated to writing literature, for your reading pleasure. To take you into my world, hand in hand, as I would need not just your donations, but also for you to join me on my discord server, lets talk, heart-to-heart.
So I guess, all I'm saying is that you support me, while I try to prove to the world, that I can be successful by just being me.
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Once I hit $1000 per month,
1) I will post up a thank you video
2) The souvenirs and group chats rewards become active.
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