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About Chikalichen

Hi guys, my name is Chen, some of my friends also call me Chika :) 

I created this Patreon page to support the YouTube channel I just started. As a Chinese millennial who recently moved to a new city for a new job I was very thrilled about finally being able to live on my own and what life has to offer in general. Little did I know that the company was not what I imagined to be and the company basically cut me loose right before I was about to finish my 2-month probation.

While trying to figure out what I will do next I wanted to reach out to the Internet and explore the possibility of starting a creative career online (which I have been thinking about for the longest time but never had the courage to do so).

The content I will be posting on this channel will be diversified from sharing a healthy lifestyle of  what I eat daily and my workout routine to showing the Chinese culture and the life here in Shenzhen, China. I may also review some products later as my channel continuously grows.

It would mean the world to me if you want to be my sponsor to open this exciting chapter of my life with me!
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When I reach $500, I will start vlogging everyday.
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