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To help with pursuing my Film and Visual Effects training.
$41 of $3,905 per Creating Photorealistic VFX for any media
My name is Chilimbwe Washington and I live in Austin, Texas and I asking for your support to buy mission critical software for a section of film that I practice in called visual effects or VFX. VFX is seen anywhere there is a screen, from photorealistic explosions, smoke, destruction, rain, snow, fog and environment replacement.
I am looking to raise $3,904.50 before the end of October. This is to help take advantage of DEEP discounts I am getting for being a student of a professional level VFX technical director course. As an indie VFX artist I am really hoping to get the chance of taking advantage of this.

This an example of the pipeline for making movies and particularly ones that have VFX in them.
THIS, is one example of what I want to do :
My teacher Allan McKay and the course I am learning from him is through and is teaching me to be a VFX Technical Director. He is a nice guy, and a BUSY in the film industry. I need to learn from him as much as I can and his work as someone working these films speaks for itself.

Though I need more on a hardware level, the software is a more important need at this point.
Here is the software that will enable us to start taking off (Discounted Cost vs Full Price):
$1013.50/ $3,525 - Thinkbox (Deadline, Draft Pro, Frost, Krakatoa, Stoke, XMESH)
$645/ $845 - Fumefx - My main tool for fire, smoke VFX
$1,040 V-Ray V-Ray 3.2 for 3ds Max is the most complete lighting, shading and rendering for realistic images, making speed and simplicity accessible to all artists.
$561/$660/yr Cebas - Thinking Particles Fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and special effects simulations in the movie industry.
A discounted $3,904.50 for the above software, which is normally $6,070
If the goal of $3,904.50 is surpassed, it would help raise the bar for filmmakers that would normally feel they would have a chance at this kind of service.

So what am I going to do with all this? Enhance independent local and national film productions and advertising for local non-profits. There is a contingent of Austin filmmakers that will be already among my first test clients. These guys make cool actions shorts, and themselves are moving in the feature film length side of things. I have things I want to do too, but, that is for later.


Ultimately, I'm Mocha. My wife is Latte. SHE is the Production and I represent the VFX side of Mocha Latte Productions. Whether you give or don't give, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Chilimbwe Washington
Co-Owner and VFX Artist
Mocha Latte Productions, L.L.C.

Below is a list that further details the software I am requesting. While some of it appears redundant, some of the other aspects of that software may speed up a production.
KRAKATOA Creates and renders billions of particles. With Deadline, it provides a pipeline for acquiring, caching, transforming, modifying, shading and rendering vast quantities of particles to represent natural phenomena like dust, smoke, silt, ocean surface foam and plasma.
V-RAY Renders realistic images while giving them full control over the 3D production process..
THINKING PARTICLES Fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and visual effects simulations involving fluid dynamics, soft bodies and rigid bodies in multiple actions, down to a realistic particle level.
FUME FX A fluid dynamics engine designed for simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosion and other gaseous phenomena. It's versatility, robustness and intuitive workflow makes it a perfect solution for the most demanding tasks in the computer graphics industry.
STOKE - Particle Simulator for 3ds Max designed to simplify and accelerate the creation of high volume particle clouds from different plugins and forces.
FROST - Software for 3ds Max used to generate a single mesh from particles, vertex clouds.Makes a single 3D model of simulations.
X-MESH Plug-in saves animated scene geometry in a compressed format – yielding smaller files for faster loading, manipulation and sharing.
V-RAY Creates realistic images while giving them full control over the 3D production process.
DRAFT PRO Automatically renders a to a variety of formats as needed, including images and videos in the same job.
DEADLINE Administration and compute management toolkit for renders for more than one computer.

Keep going...

If the public is more than generous to this campaign the following would be the next investment:
NUKE STUDIO Combo of editing and industry standard composting. You can also color-correct, add effects and playback at 4K.
$770/ mon x12 ($9,240) Nuke Studio
An example of environment replacement to show off Nuke
$499 SynthEyes Pro For motion tracking object to integrate 3D objects into live action footage.

2. FOR THIS LEVEL OF SUPPORT? For all of this, you get to see what Kim Jong IL could not do - a photorealistic nuclear detonation of Austin, Texas. ALL of this is in the 3D world of course.

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