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Matthew 18:1
3. and he said "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

Most children start out in alignment with their true, original being (i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven), but over time things change.  It's the little things, like their mother tugging on their elbow when they stop to smile up at a stranger, or listening to the people who tell them there's not enough to go around.  

Sadly, for some children, it's the big, heavy things too.

The purpose of my meditations is to lift all of those heavy adult things off of your shoulders and guide you back into the realm of pure childhood bliss.  

You can listen to the meditations under the creator posts tab above.   If you feel funny about the word "meditation" or "channeling", please remember that God wants to show you His love in a million, trillion different ways...not just from a pulpit or from the Bible.  

So for a few minutes, relax as I lead you around an idyllic childhood on a 700 acre ranch in Paradox, CO. Pretend you are the kid in the meditations as I speak. I don't give the kid in the story a name because, of course, he or she is YOU!  The "perfect" parents, teachers, and grandparents in my stories are actually your higher self gently guiding you back into alignment.  After awhile, you'll get that.  

If a tear rolls out of your eye, or a giggle bubbles up from your belly, please know for certain that it came from your perfect, inner child and nothing else.  

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