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The Prime Member rank is a Chill Central subscription that gives you special abilities on the server.

Prime Member Features:

    • Priority Speaking in voice chat (You will be heard more clearly over others).

    • Ability to speak quietly in the music channels using Push to Talk. This should not be abused. Interrupting music may result in a voice channel mute.

    • Blue Prime Member role. Can be overridden by colorful roles. (Not displayed separately)

    • 5 extra colorful roles (Pink, Cyan, Magenta, White, Black).

    • Ability to send images in other chats than #images.

    • Beta testing access to new updates.

    • Partnership with Chill Central to a server of your choice. Server must be appropriate. Contact an administrator or higher staff to setup a partnership.

NOTE: Leaving the server in any way results in a loss of the Prime Member role, which would disable you from all Prime Member abilities. If this happens, please let us know via #help-desk so we can restore your role.

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About Chill Central

Chill Central is a Discord server with many cool features including a donor rank. The Prime Member rank gives you access to lots more than regular Members on the server. If you are not already in Chill Central, you can join by clicking here.
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